Convert Printer to Wireless

  audeal 29 Jul 11

Is it possible to convert a USB Printer to run Wirelessly.

I have just moved to another part of the country and my printer is now further away from my computer and I would rather not have cables running all over the place.

I have an HP Photosmart C5180 all in one printer with a CISS connected and do not want to replace it. I have been told this is not possible and would like to confirm this.

Thank you for any response you may give.


  spuds 30 Jul 11

There are wireless kits for some HP printers, but what is available do not come cheap, compared to printers with a wireless facility already installed, with a new full warranty provided for the complete unit.

You could check eBay for an idea as to what is on offer. I have just used 'hp wireless kit' in the eBay search box and it came up with a few solutions.

I have the Photosmart C3180, and I wouldn't think of converting that because HP regard that and perhaps the C5180 as now both obsolete!.

  robin_x 30 Jul 11

Check reviews/research before any purchase, I dunno how good these things are.

  robin_x 30 Jul 11

Bloody links.

amazon search = print server wireless

  retep888™ 30 Jul 11

Your link

click here

  audeal 30 Jul 11

Many thanks for your replies. The Amazon Link has shown me the way and I will be looking into that link when I return from holliday next week.

  woodchip 30 Jul 11

The Easy Way.

Copy and Paste the Address to your Web Browser Address Bar then Press Enter. Reviews on Site for the above


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