Convert many files from sxw to doc files

  Churston 21:26 24 Apr 04

Can anybody tell me how to do a batch conversion of 100 files from Open Office text files (sxw) to MSWord files (doc)

  Diodorus Siculus 23:35 24 Apr 04

A batch renaming would do it; when opened with MSWord they should be ok formatting-wise.

  pmjd 00:12 25 Apr 04

I just tested the method suggested by Diodorus Siculus. When opening the renamed documents I get lots of gibberish.

Probably because .sxw is stored compressed unlike .doc format which isn't.

I suggest trying here click here for a list of people that maybe able to help.

Other than that it's a lot of "open" and "save as" clicks!

  Diodorus Siculus 08:11 25 Apr 04

pmjd - what OS and version of OpenOffice do you have?

I did it with 5 Open Office 1.1 documents which contained a mixture of text, tables and numbers and they all opened fine with Word 2000 running on a Win2K machine.

  pmjd 09:55 25 Apr 04

I did mine on windows XP pro running Openoffice 1.1.1 and used Word 97.

I have access to a computer running Windows XP Pro and office XP. I'll give that a try and report back

  Diodorus Siculus 10:35 25 Apr 04

pmjd - ok, thanks for that. It could be to do with Word97...

  Churston 20:27 25 Apr 04

Thanks fellas for being so interested. I have tried renaming with the same result as pmjd.
I am using Windows XP and Open Office 1.1.0
I have referred to issue to Open Office Forum and await a result.

  VoG II 20:41 25 Apr 04

Do these files open in Word? If so you could adapt the following Word macro to open them all then SaveAs click here

  pmjd 00:04 26 Apr 04

I have tried the same setup as you, Windows 2000 with Word 2000. Renamed a simple file, text with basic formatting, created in Openoffice 1.1.1 and got lots of gibberish when I tried to open it in Word 2000.

I have also tried taking a document originally created in Word 2000, opening it in Writer, saving it as .sxw format then renaming it as .doc but still get the same result as before, unintelligble jibberish (a bit like some of my posts really).

VoG (can't do the tm bit) .sxw files will not open with Word, a nice suggestion though.


  Churston 06:57 26 Apr 04

Hi fellas, just reporting back from with the answer. It is neat little macro called DocConvertor by Danny Brewer found at
click here
Great stuff
Thanks for all your help

  Diodorus Siculus 10:02 26 Apr 04

I think that I owe an explanation / apology here: the documents that I had converted had all been saved as text files, not with the sxw extension. Consequently Word 2k opened them with no problems when renamed as .doc files.

A word of thanks to Churston for his feedback re. the convertor - it's now in my bookmarks.

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