Convert to composite port

  brindly 08 Jul 11

I have a SONY VAIO desk top VGC V2S all in one but having problems with the local IT people: see consumer watch Who can you trust. I am thinking of upgrading to the later model VPC13 that is being offered for £749 plus £50 for a TV card. The only problem is that this model doesn't have the composite ports that I need because i use it to play/record films/TV/VCR and DVD player to keep for myself. Anyone know if it is possible to adapt a USB to composite output.

  brindly 09 Jul 11

Perhaps i should clarify how i set up the way i use my computer to play/record/video/dvd through the composite port. I a have scart connector with the composite connection on the other side. The scart is connected to the digital freeview box that gives me TV and with the inbuilt TV card i am able to record to the hard drive. If I want to play and record a DVD/video i put the scart in to the back of the vcr/dvd player, put the TV on channel 10 and that plays/records to the hard disc. I would then use Pinnicle to edit and put it on a disc. As far as my research goes the new Sony Vaio doesn't have this composite port, i would only be able to record tv so i need an alternative.I have used this system for about 4 years and have put all my old videos on dvd and copied some of my favorite TV programs and films to keep.

  brindly 10 Jul 11

Sorry no one could come up with an answer, never mind i have my old computer back and it is almost all working as it should.


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