Controlling a slideshow on vcd

  Legolas 19:40 10 Mar 04

I have managed to create a slideshow and burn onto cd-rw as a vcd. This plays well on the DVD but as I have a 1000 photos to put onto disk is there a way to control them when they are on the slideshow for instance can you create them in such a way so that you can scroll through the photos on any individual slideshow going on to the next photo or back to a former one.

At the moment there are a 100 photos on one slideshow but no way to access a single photo if you miss one or want to return to one you have to run the slideshow again to get to it. So is there a way to be able to acccess a single phto without runnning through the whole slideshow.

  britto 20:13 10 Mar 04

If you use nero to burn vcd, in the new compilation window you need to enable menu on the menu tab then you can set it to show thumbnails, this works when played on a home dvd but not on power dvd on computer.

  Legolas 20:41 10 Mar 04

britto Thanks for your response I have already enables thumnails on the menu section of Nero and this allows me to see a list of the slideshows I have put on the disc. What I wanted to know was is there a way of controlling the photos that are on each slideshow?

  britto 21:52 10 Mar 04

You should be able to navigate through the slideshow with the dvd remote control I need to press PCB button on remote then, use arrow keys or tap in the pic no from the batch of thumbnails.

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