Controllers playing up!

  BigDunc 12:08 17 Mar 03

Still probs with my controllers -

I can only use one controller at a time. If the HD is in the 2ndary socket it's OK and the CD drive is as well (on the same lead/contoller), but will not locate anything in the Primary Controller. vice versa as well. Why should only one controller work at a time? It was OK last week before I removed the secondary HD.

  powerless 13:32 17 Mar 03

Your Motherboard has failed?

  MAJ 13:52 17 Mar 03

Sounds like something has gone. If you don't want to go to the expense and hassle of renewing the motherboard, then a PCI-IDE card might be your next best option, BigDunc. That should, at least, get your 4 drives operating together.

  MAJ 13:55 17 Mar 03

<me thinking out loud> Maybe your PSU isn't supplying enough power to run both IDE controllers at the same time. Is it possible to try a *known* good PSU, BigDunc? </me thinking out loud>

  BigDunc 14:35 17 Mar 03

Thanks guys
I can run my HD from either controller, and on the same lead either my internal zip or CDRW. However, I can't run even one of them from the other controller!! Can usually solve most things by reflecting and reading around but this one has me stumped. Last week, I had 4 drives all working quite happily so perhaps not a power supply problem. I can manage on the HD and CDRW but it's frustrating knowing there's something adrift! Thanks again for your help so far.

  MAJ 15:34 17 Mar 03

If today, your PSU is working as it was last week when all four drives worked, then I could agree with " perhaps not a power supply problem", but as that is difficult to prove, the possibility still remains, BigDunc.

  BigDunc 15:39 17 Mar 03

Thanks Maj
Truth is I don't have a spare PSU and no obvious access to one, although I'll try. However, when I have the HD on one controller and one other device on the other controller it is then not recognised although it's OK on the same data cable as the HD.

  powerless 15:43 17 Mar 03

You have altered the jumpers?

Does it Auto detect in the BIOS, if not you may have to manually input the details of the driive.

  BigDunc 16:39 17 Mar 03

The jumper on the motherboard looks OK, there's only another "maintenance" mode and I didn't change it.
The autodetect certainly doesn't work for the second controller unless I change the HD to the second and it's then picked up but then, the Primay is not seen.

And there's no obvious option to do anything manually. Can this be done if the only option is "Auto"?

Any point in "flashing" the BIOS again, I did it before I installed the new HD?

Thanks again

  powerless 16:52 17 Mar 03

Not the jumper on the motherboard, the jumpers on the drives...Are they in there correct position?

Primary Master - On the primary master pins

Primary Slave - On the primary slave pins

Secondary Master - On the secondary master pins

Secondary Slave - On the secondary slave pins

"And there's no obvious option to do anything manually. Can this be done if the only option is "Auto"?" - I doubt it as its auto meaning the BIOS does it all for you. But i'm not an expert on motherboards.

Double check the jumpers on the back on the drives again.

Other than that i really dont know.

  BigDunc 17:34 17 Mar 03

Thanks Powerless, I'll look again but I think they're OK when I checked at the weekend.
Thanks again for your help!
Best wishes

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