Controling CPU fan speed at start up

  mrwoowoo 19:47 01 Nov 08

Strange one this.
On start up my Arctic freezer pro cpu fan goes at full belt(around 2800 rpm) and so is a bit noisey.
The cpu temp is coolish at 30c when at this speed although overclocked from 2.4 to 3.0ghz.
I can overcome this only by completely turning off the pc and then back on(restaring has no effect). Then it runs quiet at around 500 rpm and around 38c.I'm sure that after this, even when gaming and it hitting 58c it still runs at the slower,quieter speed.
Any ideas why this happens or perhaps a programme that can control the fan speed?
Q6600 quad core @ 2.4ghz clocked to 3.0ghz.

  mrwoowoo 15:30 03 Nov 08

Yes it's baffled me as well.

  skidzy 18:03 03 Nov 08

Maybe Speedfan can help you out click here this is the new version and a lot more in depth,i would suggest you have a good read first before changing anything....looks complicated to me now.

I would stress,every machine i use this program on it reports a high temp but others do not.Maybe its a false reading,i dont know.

Your choice mrwoowoo but is an idea.

I can only assume its noisy from a cold start and then settles down once a reasonable temperature has been reached.

  citadel 19:18 03 Nov 08

I have a zalman fan mate 2, you plug the connector in and slot the control lead through the back grill, then you can turn a knob to control the speed, they are very cheap.

  mrwoowoo 15:21 04 Nov 08

Thanks for the reply,i will look into it and have a fiddle.
As for the cold start,i don't think it is as no matter how long you leave it the fan stays flat out unless you power off and boot up again.

  mrwoowoo 15:24 04 Nov 08

Thanks for the reply.
As per skidzy i will look at that option as well (sounds cool),no pun intended.(O:!
Off on 12 hr nights soon so it's a job for tomorrow.
Will post back with the outcome.
Many thanks.

  Rahere 15:43 04 Nov 08

FYO I use a shuttle small format PC and they provide a program that allows you to adjust the fan speeds and check temps too - what system do you have?

  skidzy 17:08 04 Nov 08

Just a thought,have you looked in your bios for “CPU Smart FAN Control” and setting mode to “Auto”

And if you dont mind getting inside the machine and tinkering,heres something you may want to consider click here though not for me but is intersting.

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