Continuous Words

  Toffeepops 10:06 05 Jan 08

Is there any way that Words can be made to scroll as a contiuous sheet instead of A4 pages

  Taff™ 10:17 05 Jan 08

Not sure what you mean. Are you talking about MS Word(?) as in viewing on screen or printing out?

  Toffeepops 16:54 05 Jan 08

Sorry I was not very clear, yes it's MS Words and viewing on screen

  MAJ 16:56 05 Jan 08

In Word, go to View > Normal.

  Toffeepops 17:39 05 Jan 08

Sorry Maj but when I try to insert a picture or grhapic it reverts back to Print Layout (A4)

  Taff™ 07:24 06 Jan 08

Yes it does so you can position the picture accurately to ensure it isn`t located in the margin and therefore won`t print.

In Print view hover your cursor at the end of a page - it will turn into two vertical arrows with the balloon tip "Hide White Space", left click and the document appears to be virtually continuous. You can also set this and various other options in Tools>Options on the view tab. I find the text boundaries useful when positioning images. I also change the Insert/Paste Picture as box to "In front of text" on the edit tab.

  Diemmess 09:57 06 Jan 08

I am disappointed!

Have been watching this thread and bearing in mind the Pantomime season, thought Toffeepops was trying to produce a scrolled document for Baron Hardup.

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