continuity error

  Newuser2430 19:18 08 Oct 04

Windows XP tells me that i have a continuity error on a second hard drive that I use.What does this mean? Thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 08:24 09 Oct 04

Can you post the exact error message?

  Diodorus Siculus 14:51 10 Oct 04

Thanks for replying. I disconnected my 2nd hard drive and it solved the problem. As far as I remember: My pc didn't boot, the continuity error message came up and windows tried to run scan dsc without sucess getting to say 30% and failing on my 2nd drive. Do you just think the spare drive is corrupt/broke or something like that.


Anyone else?

  Dorsai 15:16 10 Oct 04

If scan disk asks the HDD to scan a certian area of the drives surface, and the heads jam, then scan disk seems to just sit there, waiting for the drive to do it.

We had a HDD at work fail, scandisk got to 56%, then sat there for 30 mins. It had not hung, so to speak, it was just waiting for the drive to do somthing it could no longer do.

Scandisk does not seem to have an internal timer, so it does not notice if the drive is very slow to access an area of disk.

I assume more indepth disk diagnostic programs also check how long the drive takes to get where it has been asked to go??


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