Continuing speaker probs

  podlod 09 Nov 11

Hi, I recently placed a question on the board regarding my speakers not working as they should, but now I have them all working as they should be. The only prob i still have is that when i play my music, the sound still continues to play from my switch off and switch on speaker only, can anybody guess as to what I am doing wrong and where i should go to on my pc so that they all play their separate instruments on every speaker, thank you.

  gengiscant 09 Nov 11

Are you saying that the sound only comes from one speaker? What do you mean by switch on switch off speaker?

  podlod 09 Nov 11

Hi Glenn, what I am saying is that one of the speakers has a button which switches the speakers on and off. I would also like to point out that the speaker in question is starting to crackle.

  gengiscant 09 Nov 11

What about the other part my question? I am still trying to understand your problem. On one hand you say the speakers are working as they should and then you say that only the speaker with the on/off switch is working. Which is it?

I am also a bit lost on so that they all play their separate instruments on every speaker Could you explain further?

You mean that your music isn't being reproduced in stereo - sound is only coming out through one speaker, but not the other? If that's the case, first thing is to check the cable connection into the speaker that isn't working. Second thing is to ensure that, where the speaker cable is plugged into your PC, it's plugged in securely: if it's not, a likely result is audio through only one channel. A third thing to check after those two is whether your volume etc. control also has a balance feature, and ensure that the balance is set in the middle - not to one side which, again, would cause sound only to come through one speaker. Once you've tried all the above, I'd think about a) trying a different speaker cable, and b) a different set of speakers.

The crackle, by the way, may well be a sign of a loose cable connection.

Oh, and: the speaker that has the on/off button - does it also have a balance button? It would be worth checking that out, make sure it's not turned all the way to the right or left.

  podlod 09 Nov 11

Hi Glenn,Ian, What I am saying is that I have placed a test on all my speakers (being 5.1 channel speakers) and sound is coming out from all of them as they should be, but when I play music or a game, only sound comes out of one speaker which you turn off or on that controls all the speakers to work or not as the case may be, and that one now crackles. If I have to buy new speakers then I will do so, but that does not solve the case of all the speakers not working?

  gengiscant 10 Nov 11

So just to be clear, when you play the test sounds through the 4 satellite speakers and the 1 sub woofer,which I am guessing is the one with the on/off switch not that that fact has any bearing, anyway when you play the test sounds you can hear them out of each individual speaker, but when you play a game or music it only comes from one speaker. Strange. Can you confirm which speaker the sound comes from when playing game etc? I am assuming this problem is recent so can you think of anything you might have done recently, unplugged the speakers to move them maybe? Or altered sound settings?

Have you looked at Ian of Northampton's suggestions?

  podlod 10 Nov 11

Hi,I have checked the cables but they appear to be OK. I have again tested the speakers and as before they were working okay, but now it seems to me that when I test the speakers individually,I have the sound coming from the base (woofer) twice, and if I disconnect the speaker sound from the on/off speaker, the sound automatically comes from the next speaker? It is driving me crazy!Maybe if it is OK with you Glenn, can I ring you tomorrow? (Friday)

  gengiscant 10 Nov 11

I'll be out most of the day tomorrow not that I think it's a problem that I could be any more help with than here. Can you tell me the make and model of your 5.1 speakers, there is probably a label on the woofer? How many cables go from the woofer to the PC? Looking at mine I have a green and pink which of course will go in the green and pink sockets. You maybe only have one cable and it may not be coloured so,if my memory serves me ,it goes in the green socket,but I could be wrong.

Around where you do the sound check there is a section where you can select the speaker set-up, these include, monitor speakers,2.1,5.1,stereo or mono. Make sure this is set to 5.1.


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