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continued boot problems-need urgent help please

  Qdiddy 07:28 01 Dec 04

click here for background. After getting everything going, I decided to get rid of kazaa with kazaabegone. I then disabled all the startup programs in msconfig, but I also played around with the safemode options, because it is bugging me that I cannot get a proper safemode going. Now no matter which start option I choose (from safe mode to start normally), the system just scrolls through a list of drivers with a string that starts:


What can I do to stop this cycle and get windows to load again?

  Qdiddy 07:48 01 Dec 04

OK. I think I'll install XP on my extra harddisk, just to see if I can get something going. But I might need some help when the rest of you wake up in sorting out the original problem.

  woodchip 12:50 01 Dec 04

When it scrolls through loading drivers how long do you wait for Safe Mode to start? as it may look as if it's froze but it's still loading Windows. I think you have a Driver Problem. But if you have had kazaa loaded on your computer, Expect anything. It could be Virus or Spyware etc.

  Qdiddy 16:33 01 Dec 04


The system never stops after it finishes scrolling, it just goes straight into another reboot and brings up the start up options again (safe mode, safe mode with networking, etc). No matter which option I choose, the full cylce is repeated

As far as Kazaa (paid for version by the way), I know all the associated risks and have fully updated versions of AVG, Spybot S&D, Spyware Blaster, Adaware, and Sysgate Personal Firewall to keep as many nasties out as possible. In fact, the reason I got rid of it is because I hardly use it any more.

I tend to agree that this is a driver issue as I have had some WER files go out recently that have sent back messages to that effect. I have tried to isolate and remove suspect drivers, but obviously I haven't found the right one.

I've managed to load OS onto 2nd harddrive, so I think I'll just take a copy of C: then do a complete reinstall. Would you agree this as best course of action?

  SurfMonkey _#:@} 17:41 01 Dec 04

does the pc keep booting itsself and how far do u get

  SurfMonkey _#:@} 17:42 01 Dec 04

have you tryed repair it cauld be the Kernel32.dll is damaged or missing

  SurfMonkey _#:@} 17:47 01 Dec 04
  Qdiddy 11:08 02 Dec 04


Many thanks for the follow up. The kernel issue definitely makes sense. I've seen reference to that as well in some of the WER files. Unfortunately when starting the system with the CD, I was never given the option to Repair the installation, only to recover or reinstall.

I was already in process of reinstalling yesterday afternoon (and the long process of updating, reloading, and reconfiguring, etc) so missed your advice. But I will keep it for reference. Do you have any idea what any of the causes of a damaged kernel.dll are?

  SurfMonkey _#:@} 15:06 02 Dec 04

Iguess it just gets deleted by mistake or becomse corrupt I have had this prob so has my brother in law just last week .

  Qdiddy 09:51 03 Dec 04

**it happens, I suppose.

Thank you both for your help.

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