content blocking software

  rsturbo 10:56 09 Oct 06

my friend is concerned about the content available on the internet. her son is 10 and because of the location of his computer she cannot keep an eye on him all the time. what is a good piece of software for controlling the content available and monitoring what has been viewed?

thanks for any help

  TomG 11:08 09 Oct 06

To be honest there a loads - all of which seem to do a reasonable job. There are those that are up-dated on a regular basis (with new websites) and those where there is a default list and you just add as required. I would recommend NOT using the content blocker in IE as it causes more problems that it prevents.

I use net-nanny which while it isn't perfect has a few nice touch's (e.g. it sends a summary email to you listing any infringements) but you have to be careful in the setup of these programs or you can end up blocking everything.

  Jackcoms 11:17 09 Oct 06

Internet Explorer (if that is your browser) has its own content filter.

In IE go to Tools; Internet Options and then look under the Security, Privacy and Content tabs and set accordingly.

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