Contacting JVC by e-mail

  Madscot_uk 17:24 06 Mar 07

A discussion on this forum has given rise to a question about my audio amplifier

It is a JVC a-x4 superA integrated stereo amplifier and I'm trying to find specifications on it, plaque on the back says 480w, but thats not realistic for the size or age of the amp.

I did a Google on the model no, only to find, via a shaky grasp of German it is an early 80's amp and not much more

Looking around the JVC website to find an e-mail address to send my question to is proving difficult, can anyone shed light on JVC's UK e-mail addy?



  Friday's Child 17:32 06 Mar 07
  jimv7 17:33 06 Mar 07

2nd 1 down after googling for jvc ukclick here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:33 06 Mar 07

The email address/email form is on their website ;-)) click here


  Madscot_uk 17:40 06 Mar 07

Cheers Gandalf, for some reason I couldn't find that on the site, blonde moment day! Now lets see if I get a response.

jimv7, thanks but my amp is 20+ yrs old and not on that list!


  jimv7 17:45 06 Mar 07

My link was not for the list of amps, but the 'Contact us' link on the top left hand side.

  SANTOS7 17:49 06 Mar 07

480Watts 2x60w RMS lots of consumption,and lots of noise, ya lekky bills gonna be enormous..

  Madscot_uk 17:53 06 Mar 07

jimv7, apologies - see it now

2x60w RMS out, thats lower than i expected and terrible efficiency for a 480w draw. The sound output is pretty good, but maybe i wont leave it on at night any more!


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