Contact Virgin by Email

  Terry Brown 11:29 AM 07 Sep 11

I know someone asked a short time ago about contacting Virgin by Email and could not find a way.

I had to contact them (email) and this is how I did it.

log into

Go to Profile

Goto manage accounts

Bottom of the page- look for contact.

This will take you to the Virginmedia email query page.


  Woolwell 12:07 PM 07 Sep 11

Sorry that doesn't work for me. It only opens the contact page which gives answers to problems rather than a contact e-mail address.

  birdface 12:40 PM 07 Sep 11

Yes it was I that posted that thread and could not find a way of sending an e-mail to them but managed to contact them from their forum for help.

The original post.

  birdface 15:12 PM 07 Sep 11

Terry Brown

That does not work for me either.

I can only sign into my Bill account and if I follow profile and manage accounts then press contact us which gets you to round in circles looking for the e-mail address which can't be found.

  Terry Brown 22:04 PM 07 Sep 11

To access the Email link:

Clink link

Sign in

Select an option (I suggest General) and Cable or National

Go to the bottom of the page (Black strip) and find contact. Terry

  Woolwell 10:56 AM 08 Sep 11

Terry Brown

When I sign in I do not get any General Option. There is contact at the bottom of the page on the black strip but as buteman and I have informed you then it opens a fairly useless window with many options but not a contact e-mail address and as buteman states leads in circles. If you go to contact and click on the general query you still do not get an e-mail address. Have you actually obtained an e-mail address?

  Terry Brown 09:53 AM 10 Sep 11

Yes, It opened to an email contact box, I contacted Virgin and recieved a reply back on the 2nd day, advising me that the problem (locked email address) had to be done by phone (virgin phone 151)- Free call- and was sorted out in about 10 minutes.



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