Contact list or address book into android device

  SparkyJack 20 Sep 12

I have been searching to an APP to create/import an editied address book into my Android Tablet.

There is one that I found- and it detected few odd addresses which I do not use but are those that automatically put themselves into the address book, mand appears to have no 'Import' facility.

Of the Email I access via the tablet- only 3 of the dozen or so reveal themselves when selecting addresses.

So what I want to achieve an edited list to put into the built in Android , Ice Cream Sandwich E Mail Client.

Any thoughts please

  Nontek 20 Sep 12

If it is a Samsung Galaxy SIII the App to look for is Samsung Kies which once installed on PC, copying Contacts PC/Mobile is easy.

  SparkyJack 20 Sep 12

Thank you nontek

I wonder if this app is Android general or Galaxy specific?

As Android is 'open source' I understand there can be some dedicated apps

The only way is try it I guess.

  Woolwell 20 Sep 12

You probably have a Google account to which your Android device syncs. Export your address book as a cvs file and import into Google contacts and your device will have the contacts.

  SparkyJack 20 Sep 12

Thank you Woolwell Whilst on walk in the wogods with a natural history group I discussed the problem with another member whilst looking for autumn fungi to photo And he gave the same advice,vI have gmail account

  SparkyJack 20 Sep 12

To fnsh what was writing when lost thevlink This talkem throuit. He also mentioned the new FireFox for Android which looks good when the complex setting up is sorted


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