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  wee eddie 27 Mar 12

Suddenly I keep getting "You have errors in your form. Please check and try again."

Any ideas why: As far as I can see it is no different to what it was when I last reported Spam

  lotvic 27 Mar 12

I find that refreshing page before 'trying again' clears that message - think it must time out if you take too long composing or something like that.

  wee eddie 27 Mar 12

Lotvic: Thanks, tried that but it didn't make any difference

  lotvic 27 Mar 12

I just sent message to FE on the contact form to say you'd had problem and mine sent ok so don't know why yours doesn't.

  rdave13 27 Mar 12

Mine didn't this morning either. Possibly pasting the long url to the vista spam posting might have something to do with it?

  lotvic 28 Mar 12

rdave13, I thought FE said you don't have to put the thread link in as it automatically gives him that when you use the 'Contact Forum Editor' link to use the contact form with the thread open. I haven't been putting thread link in.

  rdave13 28 Mar 12

lotvic, didn't know that. Thanks for letting me know.

  Forum Editor 28 Mar 12

I just tried the link to send a message to myself.

It worked perfectly, and the page I sent from (this one) was shown on the email.

That particular item in the message helps me enormously when it comes to deleting spam - If I'm notified from within a thread via the "Contact Forum Editor" link I'll get an email with a hyperlink to the page in question, and I can quickly do the deletion.

  Forum Editor 28 Mar 12


Got your message - many thanks.

  Aitchbee 28 Mar 12

I have just tried this means of contacting the FE ( for the first time ), with no probs.

  rdave13 28 Mar 12

Forum Editor, thanks for that. The mistake was pasting the url in the small message box, which there is no need to do as I've found out.


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