constantly rebooting

  tonydenv 22:48 08 Apr 09

my sons pc has a rebooting issue which is getting worse it used to reboot once every couple of hours now it does it after 30 to 40 minutes, i tried changing the psu which helped for a while i recently changed the memory that also helped for a while. its not high end but its not that old amd 4000+ , 2gb ram , 6800 pcie graphics, is there an easy answer or are we looking for a new m/board cpu ect? any help appriecated

  baldydave 22:59 08 Apr 09

Are the fans clean dust free,is the cpu fan/motherboard clear of dust build up.
Have you run a full antivirus scan and antimalware scan try here
click here
install then update before scanning

  tonydenv 23:17 08 Apr 09

fans all clean have ran avg ccleaner adaware nothing serious (just usual ad crap)

  Graham. 23:34 08 Apr 09
  lotvic 23:38 08 Apr 09

sounds like it could be overheating.

Easy way to test, run the computer with the side off and an ordinary room fan blowing cool air over insides of pc to see if that stops the rebooting.

  rossgolf 01:22 09 Apr 09

i had this problem. i solved it by completely taking it all apart so i had all the components out individually. then rebuilding from scratch

  emily3543 11:23 09 Apr 09

You have replace many component first try to check that motherboard can be short circuit and smps can be faulty after that reinstall the operating system

  Arnie 13:14 09 Apr 09

Check that the front panel reboot switch isn't shorting intermittently.

The wires to it can be momentarily disconnected after a reboot.
You will need to be au fait with working inside your computer.


  baldydave 13:27 09 Apr 09

stop automatic restart,windows will just restart if there is a problem ,it may be software or driver fault.
Turn off auto restart,this may give you a BSOD with info about the problem.
to turn off auto restart go to start/control panel/system/advanced tab/startup and recovery/settings/untick auto restart.

  birdface 13:28 09 Apr 09

[Have ran avg ccleaner adaware] AVG + Adaware is not great.You would need something like Malwarebytes or Superantispyware to remove most things.Will agree with others Either overheating or need a stronger PSU.

  tonydenv 17:13 09 Apr 09

home from work will try some of these suggestions will also disconnect some of the drives to cut down on power usage

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