Constant Internet Dropout

  shiretoko 15:36 06 Aug 07

I use Waitrose BB and my Router is Voyager 210 ADSL Router. I had no problem using Internet until recently. Now I have started experiencing constant Internet disconnection. Some days are trouble free but other days I am plagued with constant drop outs. I can start again after resetting and reconnecting but soon it drops again. I have spoken to Waitrose but they said I should check microfilters but they seem to be fine. Has anybody experienced similar problem ? Thank you.

  eedcam 18:35 06 Aug 07

Not with waitrose but had the same went on for a few days then setled down my provider found nowt wrong? I use the voyager 240. Was told if the asdl light dont go out its in the house problem

  shiretoko 09:51 07 Aug 07

Thank you for your info. When I have a dropout problem Internet green light on Router goes out. Also sometimes DSL green light goes out too. Happy for you that your problem settled down. My problem has been going on for a month now. I might change ADSL line to see whether it works......

  kindly 11:22 07 Aug 07

Try getting the Phone company to chec k out the line firstly. Just give them a call and it costs nothing. This way that only leaves the indoor line and ofcourse waitrose.
I know you have checked indoors but its worth trying a new micro filter which should be placed as close to where the phone line comes into the house and you router is connected.

  shiretoko 13:25 07 Aug 07

Thank you for your info. I will give it a try.
I did notice recently that my telephone line (for talking) has a lot of noises. Maybe it has something to do with the problem...How funny... today I have no problem with drop outs...I wish everyday was like today!!

  Dipso 17:20 07 Aug 07

From what you say it sounds like you may have a voice fault. You can do an on-line check for that click here

  shiretoko 10:33 08 Aug 07

Thank you for your advice Dipso.
I am checking with BT at the mom. I will let you know how well I got on. Everyone has been so helpful. Big thank you to you all!!!

  shiretoko 13:11 15 Aug 07

I checked with BT and they told me that the line is fine.. I replaced all the microfilters which came with Waitrose BB package with more expensive ones but still I have Internet Dropout. When I have a problem an error message on PC appears for a split second and it says ' Local Connection - A network cable is unplugged' As far as I can see all the cables (ADSL cable) are connected. Anyone has a similar problem????

  Dipso 14:34 15 Aug 07

Have you tried changing the network cable in case it's faulty?

  shiretoko 15:02 15 Aug 07

You mean ADSL line right? I will give it a try. Thank you again.

  Dipso 16:59 15 Aug 07

I mean the cable that runs from your router to your PC.

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