connector adaptor device advice

  SparkyJack 08 Sep 11

I have several adaptors that connect IDE 3.5 and 2.5 and SATA to USB

I am looking for a similar adaptor that will connect 2.5 drive with the edge connector to USB or a gender changer to do the same.

I Google search has so far turned up what I already have.

To clarify the hardrive in question does not have the IDE pins or SATA slot it is an edge connector[male] to what is needed is female to USB or to IDE.

The usual sources seem only to have the IDE/SATA type to USB

Any ideas folks

  Nontek 08 Sep 11
  SparkyJack 09 Sep 11

Th ank you nontek This appears to be a variation of what I have- a universal IDE[2siazes] and SATA to USB see [Amazon - Iomah adaptor]

The drive I wish to connect has no pins or sockets but an edge connector such as PCI cards or memory strips have.

  onthelimit1 09 Sep 11

Are you sure that isn't an adaptor in itself, just pushed onto the normal pins? I say this because I was confused by such a setup on an HP laptop drive - it just pulled off, then I could connect my normal USB/SATA adaptor.

  SparkyJack 09 Sep 11
  SparkyJack 10 Sep 11

Solved One of the mane advice site suggested that the edge connector is a puch on fir onto a standard 2.5 IDE I gave it a go and it was so- simply pulls off and there we are- the pins

  onthelimit1 10 Sep 11

Like I said!

  SparkyJack 11 Sep 11

Yer right - I posted the above before I read the latest - as you said.

  onthelimit1 11 Sep 11

Glad it's sorted - had me confused for a while.


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