Connection terminates when my telephone is in use

  Tarnya 11:32 17 Jun 07

I am using broadband through Tiscali and have ADSL filters at each telephone point, the problem is that every time I use the telephone my broadband disconnects and tells me there is no isdriving me mad, can anybody advise.
Thanks, Tarnya.

  Stuartli 11:43 17 Jun 07

Are you using a USB modem? If so check from Internet Options>Connection tab>Settings>Advanced tab that Disconnect if idle.... is not Enabled.

  johnnyrocker 11:46 17 Jun 07

swap filters round, has this worked ok at some stage?


  spuds 12:11 17 Jun 07

Are you running from a master socket or via an extension socket or lead.

  Tarnya 12:31 17 Jun 07

I am not at the pc at the moment but I have tried 2 new filters, I am plugged directly into the mains socket, I will check the "disconnect when idle" setting when I get home.

  Diemmess 12:35 17 Jun 07

Try disconnecting all but one phone in case one of the filters is not behaving.

If that still fails, try another filter in the one live phone.

If it then works, you have the slow plodding business of reconnecting the other phones one at a time until you find the guilty filter.

This did happen to me when I need a fourth filter and instead of a supplied BT filters I bought one which looked neater but was not up to the job until it was relegated to an extension phone.

  Tarnya 12:59 17 Jun 07

I have tried several different filters so my guess is that the problem lies elsewhere.

  Diemmess 13:44 17 Jun 07

You don't have a dial-up modem connected do you?

I can use either, but the old modem though configured, spends its life disconnected and is only used when some awkward soul asks for a FAX.

Did you try Stuartli's suggestion?

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