Connection problems?

  LBUMIKE 23:58 27 Jan 05

hi sorry to bother you guys... but everytime i log on at the bottom left hand of my screen. it always state:
"limited or no connectivity to local area connection 2..."

i have tried to repair the problem, but: it states that it is unable to renew my IP address?

i have tried to repair the problem through AOL Broadband Check-up.

but still it doesn't go away, anybody with any tips please?

  johnnyrocker 00:05 28 Jan 05

right click your connection in network connections and see if it offers bridge remove and if it does select it and it will find the connection.


  johnnyrocker 13:07 30 Jan 05

for the benefit of others trying to help.
"on network connection i have 3 (none of which say remove bridge) 1394 connection local area connection (this has a red cross) local area connection 2 (this has a yellow "?")"


  CurlyWhirly 17:52 30 Jan 05

I assume that you are on AOL Broadband like me?
I had a similar problem after I downloaded the new AOL Connectivity Service around a week ago!
After downloading and installing it, I had a NEW taskbar icon with an icon showing 2 monitors and the following text is ALWAYS displayed "Aquiring Network Address"!
I also get the SAME error when I attempt a repair but NOTHING seems to be wrong as even though these error messages are displayed, I have NO connection problems!
I guess that the Connectivity Service is in a BETA stage?
I will leave things as they are as the saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" springs to mind! LOL

  Chezdez 17:56 30 Jan 05

1394 isn't your connection, thats firewire

the local area connection 2 is your network card

  LBUMIKE 22:51 30 Jan 05

yeah i do have AOL broadband... and your right i have those two monitors on the icon bar... and again your right i dont have problem with broadband connection...
but i was wondering... maybe this baby can go even faster?
but i'm gonna leave it... your right if it aint broke dont fix it (or mash it up, which is more likely. knowing me)

cheers all, i'll resolve this problem

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