Connection problem with Surge protection unit

  cruiser2 02 Jan 12

I have recently installed a new Surge Protected Power Centre. This has eight sockets for the power output, and In and Out sockets for phone, broadband and Lan/Ethernet. I have an ADSL filter connected into my master socket with the phone line going throght the surge unit. The problem is if I connect my router through the surge unit, I cannot get broadband. There is no problem if I connect the modem directly to the ADSL filter, by-passing the surge unit. The router is a Netgear DG834G connected using cables No problems with broadband Any help much appreciated

  Secret-Squirrel 03 Jan 12

Does your phone (and broadband) enter your house via an overhead cable? If it doesn't then there's no need for it to be surge protected as there's virtually no chance of a lightning strike affecting it and damaging your equipment.

  spuds 03 Jan 12

You might find some information here?.

  Woolwell 03 Jan 12

You will not get broadband by connecting through a filter. How are you using the in socket for broadband? Which model of surge protector?

  cruiser2 03 Jan 12

Have had an email from the suppliers, Masterplug Ltd, with a diagram showing how to connect the leads. Can't copy it onto this site so will try to explain. One lead from phone master socket to modem/broadband on surge unit. Then lead from phone in on surge unit to microfilter. Then one lead to phone and one lead to broadband modem both from micro filter. Thank you for your advice. This thread can now be closed


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