Connection to my Server

  Pilch.... 00:29 10 Jan 03
  Pilch.... 00:29 10 Jan 03

It seems that people that use NTL and blue yonder cannot seem to connect to my server, to either view web page or to play a game...

Seems two00lbwaster and maby66 cant get on to my server to play games, look at the games room thread's and things like that....

just wondering if anyone knew why!!

  The PC Doctor 00:32 10 Jan 03

What kind of server do you run ?

How do you identify your PC over the Internet ?

  Pilch.... 00:37 10 Jan 03

just a general server for some gaming, web hosting etc etc...

strange thing is everyone else can that that is on dial up(except NTL and so on) or ADSL... i have had people from singapore get on it!

click here is the main link...

  northamuk 00:42 10 Jan 03

Opened ok for me ADSL - but not as described in your click here rather this click here

  The PC Doctor 00:44 10 Jan 03

I use NTL and can get at your site no problem.

Sorry but pinged you and response times seem ok.

Would suggest that it's probably the set up of those trying to connect to you.

For info I use IE6.

  The PC Doctor 00:46 10 Jan 03

Spoke tooo sooon !

Whilst connected to you with IE6 it's just locked up !

Double check all your settings and try again !

Good luck....

  tbh72 00:49 10 Jan 03

Freeserve ADSL here. IE 6 No Problems

  The PC Doctor 00:55 10 Jan 03

Well IE 6 just bombed out in a big way - caused general protection error (1st time on IE6 for me)

It would seem that I can connect no problem but if try and navigate around your forum it may be trying to install some sort of forum software/applet and my system didn't like it one bit.

Rather that a connection problem it may be a setup problem with the forum.

Kepp trying - no doubt you'l get there.

Good luck.

  Pilch.... 01:01 10 Jan 03

people canteven connect to the forum, or games.... that is what is annoying...

  deke 01:23 10 Jan 03

I am not into gaming but your site works well and loads really fast.

freeserve dial up

Just thought i would let you know


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