Connection via HDMI

  almi 16:34 15 May 08

My full HD Bravia cannot connect to my full HD sony camcorder thrue HDMI. I have followed all instructions available.The cable is brand new but never tried before. Did anyone faced a similar problem? Thanks.

  Stuartli 17:08 15 May 08

Does your TV's menu include a choice of connections i.e. analogue (TV), digital (TV), Scart, Scart AV etc?

If so, select HDMI.

  rickd 17:29 15 May 08

I had a problem linking up some equipment between a source and screen with an HDMI lead. In the end, it all came down to what was connected and what not, when you fired them up. I.e whether you connect first, and then started the equipment/screen, or turned them on then connected. Sorry, but I don't remember which worked!, but try it in different ways and see if that cures it.

  almi 17:35 15 May 08

Thaks for your interest.I selected HDMI (opened)but still nothing.The composit connection is ok.The TV says connot recognise any apparatus. The camcorder's HDMI port on too. Any ideas?

  almi 17:48 15 May 08

I have tried every possible way but still no signal

  Ditch999 20:06 15 May 08

My Sony TV has 2 HDMI ports. One with audio connectors and one without. Try different ports and make sure you match the right port with the right setting on the TV. It could also be the cable. Can you try a different one? Is there a different TV you could try the camcorder on?

  almi 10:41 16 May 08

Thanks for the help.I have baught a new expensive cable and solved the problem.

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