Connecting a ZyXEM NBG6503 to a Home Hub 3

  John B 19 Oct 13

I have today spent five hours trying to get this router to work and have now emailed support at ZyXEL.

This router does not have a built-in modem and requires connection to the internet via a separate modem. I wanted to use this router to replace the 'patchy' and rather intermittent wireless connection on my BT Home Hub 3 (HH3).

Instruction with regard to using the HH3 as a modem only are not easy to find, but armed with what I could find I set about switching off the wireless and DHCP on the HH3. I connected the ZyXEL as per instruction and was able to access the router via

The software was unable to detect the HH3 settings and asked for data to be added manually. The various I.P. detail I had didn't work and after various attempts and resetting the ZyXEL I decided to switch the HH3 back to its default settings and had another go.

This time I managed to get both wifi channels working, but I could get no internet connection on the PC hard-wired to the ZyXEL. The router's software also said there was no connection to the HH3 modem (or indeed the internet).

So, the wireless works and my iMac is wirelessly connected to the internet via the ZyXEL 5GHz connection. The local computer will not connect?

If anyone could tell me how to connect this router to my HH3 I should be very grateful

Thanks in advance.



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