Connecting to XBOX 360 live via AOL

  2drewej 22:00 28 Sep 06

hi , i am trying to conect to xbox 360 live, i do not have wireless and am using aol gold with the voyager modem.
i have a ethernet cable and i am trying to use the type of connection that allows you to connect to xbox live at the same time that you are online.i have created a new connection for the xbox and enabled connection sharing.
but i always get an error when i try to connect using the WAn pppoe cannection that i was directed to make. - the error is ERROR 678 the remote computer did not respond. but when i disconnect from aol and then use the same Wan connection it connects but it still wont let me connect to xbox live?

From my xbox 360 , it says that the ethernet cable is working fine , but on the IP test it fails - saying it cannot get an ip address.

Please could you advise me on what to do if you know about xbox live etc?
thanks, jacob

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