Connecting a wireless Router

  thumbscrew 09 Nov 11

I've had a computer for a few years, always using a USB Modem. I've persuaded my ISP to give me a Wireless Router and it's on its way. I'd be extremely grateful if anyone could give me a simple breakdown of connection information. I'm on XP, use a tower not a laptop and, even though I'm on broadband (Talk Talk), I have to click an on screen connection box that appears after boot up, to connect the broadband.Also, when the Router is up and running, will I still get the aforementiond connection box and do I unplug and remove the old Modem or will the Router override it? Thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09 Nov 11
  1. unplug and remove old modem

  2. connect the modem to the PC with the ethernet cable provided

  3. run the software (driver) cd that comes with the new modem and follow the procedure to connect to Talk Talk. you will need your Talk Talk username and password.

Once set up, you will be permanently connected no need to log in just click on your browser to get on the net. So make sure you are running some sort of security programs like an antispware and antivirus that start at boot up.

If not using the wireless connection I suggest you disable it as added security to prevent others using your connection.

  thumbscrew 09 Nov 11

Thankyou Fruit Bat,I was called today by Talk Talk to confirm. Re your advice about connecting via the ethernet cable, she informed me that because it was wireless, there would be no direct connection between the Router and my machine. Could that be the case?

In my experience - fairly limited to 2-3 installs - setting up a router requires a wired connection first of all. Once the router is set up, then you simply remove the cable between your PC and the router, and connect wirelessly.

  thumbscrew 09 Nov 11

Thanks Ian, ok it's beginning to make sense...only one thing could stall it, I've had this computer about six years and I don't know whether there are any Ethernet ports on it!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09 Nov 11

Wireless will only work if there is a wireless card in your machine or you fit a card or use a usb wireless dongle.

Ethernet port looks like this

Even at six years old, you should have an Ethernet port, I'd have thought. But Fruit Bat /\0/\ makes an excellent point... The simple things are the easiest to overlook.

  thumbscrew 09 Nov 11

Ok thanks both, is there any way or anything I can do to easily check whether or not I've got a wireless card installed?

  thumbscrew 09 Nov 11

Ok thanks both, is there any way or anything I can do to easily check whether or not I've got a wireless card installed?

  onthelimit1 09 Nov 11

Most unlikely that a 6 yr old PC would have wireless. However, you can check in device manager to see what items are listed under Network Adaptors.

  thumbscrew 09 Nov 11

Thanks onthelimit....can't see one...this rules out a Router methinks??


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