connecting to wired router via telephone cable

  JVJ 21:55 10 Oct 07

My question is - Is it possible to make a broadband connection between my PC and my wired router via 4 core telephone cable? The reason for the question is because I have two telephone extensions, one in each room where I have a computer that I want to be able to connect to the internet via broadband. If possible I would like to connect the router to the main incoming telephone line and then use the extension connections to connect to the Ethernet slots in the router and then via the extension sockets make the connection to either computer. But not sure if it is possible with only 4 core cable?

  Strawballs 22:36 10 Oct 07

No you need a network cable

  DieSse 00:19 11 Oct 07

Lots about lan cabling and connectors.

Since only 4 wires are actually in use, telephone cable, especially if it's twisted pairs, might work over relatively short runs.

Suck it and see - if it doesn't work all you've got to do is bite the bullet and get some cat5 cable.

  ambra4 04:55 11 Oct 07

Have a look at power-line networking

Using the electrical socket to network your computers

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NETGEARā€™s 85 Mbps Power-line Ethernet Adapter (XE103) is the fast solution for extending your home network by using standard electrical outlets.

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  DieSse 09:30 11 Oct 07

For some reason I didn't notice I hadn't given you the link - apologies

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