Connecting of USB

  Spr 14:39 15 Feb 07

Will I cause any damage to my PC or the USB devise, if I connect or dis-conncet my USB Devise while the PC is running.

I have been told it will cause no damage what so ever to either the PC or USB

  recap 14:43 15 Feb 07

It will not cause damage as such, but, you may loose data if it is a USB memory stick.

When installing a new device - say a printer - always follow the installation instruction. They may require the device to be plugged in at a certain time in the installation process.

  2neat 15:04 15 Feb 07

Do not pull out USB memory without safely shutting down. You should see a little icon near the clock when you have a USB device plugged in.
Double click icon and stop the device.
You can plug in devices no problem with PC on.
Hope this helps

  2neat 15:07 15 Feb 07

By the way, I didn't mean shutting down PC LOL.
should have said stopping device.

  Totally-braindead 15:17 15 Feb 07

The only devices it "might" cause a problem with is the likes of external hard drives and memory sticks. They may become corrupted particularly if you remove them while they are being used. The devices themselves won't be physically damaged its just the information you have on them will be rendered useless. It will cause no damage to the PC.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:37 15 Feb 07

USB devices are "Hot swappable" just make sure you are not reading from or writing to fash or external drives when you unplug or you will corrupt the data on them.

  Spr 14:23 17 Feb 07

Thank you for all the help

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