Connecting Toshiba laptop to LCD TV problem

  patrickbuckley 17:23 04 Aug 09

I have connected my Toshiba laptop to my Samsung 32" with a VGA cable. When I turn my laptop on, the initial Windows XP comes on my TV with nothing on my laptop. But, as soon as the Welcome screen comes on my laptop, my TV just blanks out and I can get nothing on it. All help greatly appreciated.

  birdface 17:43 04 Aug 09

Maybe run Microsoft updates and see if it comes up with a new driver for your TV.

  woodchip 18:09 04 Aug 09

On your Laptop Click on Empty Desktop\Properties\Settings\Advanced now go to your graphics and set to Dual Monitor

  woodchip 18:10 04 Aug 09


You will only get Icons on the Laptop TV will act as a extended Screen

  ambra4 19:17 04 Aug 09

Once you have connected the VGA port on the laptop using the VGA cable to the TV VGA port

you now have to set the laptop to access the VGA external display on the laptop

Using the “FN” key (Function) and the “CRT/LCD” key look at the top of keyboard “F” keys

Hold down the FN key and press the CRT/LCD key once

Display will change as follows: -

Press once laptop display only

Press again external display only

Press again both laptop and external display

You must hold down the FN key each time you press the CRT/LCD key

You have to set the laptop to show both laptop and external displays, if set to external

display only, the display will default back to the laptop display every time you power on

or reboot the laptop

Depending on the size of the monitor/TV you have to adjust the screen resolution for the

display to fit the screen

Right click on the Desktop-Properties-Setting and change the screen resolution to the

correct size to fit the TV screen

Hope this help to get your laptop connected to the TV

  patrickbuckley 18:03 05 Aug 09

Hi Ambra4

I think this key is equivalent to F5 key for switching between monitors. If so, sadly it doesn't work. Thanks for the advice, however.

  ambra4 05:31 06 Aug 09

Check on Toshiba website for a update video driver

click here

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