Connecting Speakers

  StevieB77 18:53 20 Apr 03

Does anybody know if it is possible to connect speakers from a normal stereo system to a computer?
The connections for the speakers have 4 wires that connect to the back of a stereo player, is there some type of adapter that can be used to connect them to a computer?

  spuds 19:06 20 Apr 03

Maplin's click here have a good range of connecting devices.

  StevieB77 19:40 20 Apr 03

Thanks for that link.

They have got a pretty extensive list of products available. I’m still not sure what accessory is needed so I have sent an e-mail to their sales team for their advice.

  slaveofconvention 19:49 20 Apr 03

The output from your sound card is very low and is not enough to directly power speakers of any decent power level - it'd be like putting Hi-Fi speaker straight into a separates CD player - the amp is required.
Most commercially available PC speakers have an amp in the subwoofer - and are, as a result, connected to the mains in one form or another. Pretty much any amplifier will do the job, so you can shop around for the best deal. Alternatively, if you have a hifi with a spare input, you could just wire this to the soundcard output as long as you have a suitable cable, usually a 3.5mm stereo jackplug (identical to those on headphones) to a pair of phono jacks (look a little like tv aerial plugs but the centre pin is a little thicker and rounded, and the outer edge has gaps in it (kind of like you'd see on a castle tower). This kind of cable often comes free when you buy cd-walkmen etc (i got one free when i bought Nero 5.5)


  StevieB77 19:57 20 Apr 03

Thanks Colin,

The hifi doesn’t have a spare input so I will have to get the amp.


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