Connecting pocket pc up to internet

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 16:52 31 Jan 05

Hi i have a viewsonic v35 pocket pc

windows mobile 2002,64mb ram,300mhz chip.

I was wondering if there is anyway at all i can connect it up to my broadband connection?

The only way i think are possible is through Ir

but funny that a ethernet pc card dongle (pc card connection to ethernet),fits at the bottom where the sync cradle port goes.can i use this to make the connection or am i out of my mind?

thanks.ben.all suggestions are aprecieted

  SANTOS7 16:59 31 Jan 05

click here maybe some useful info here,good luck...........

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 22:30 31 Jan 05

Thanks SANTOS7

I guess this is the only way?

i was kinda hoping that i could connect to my BB connection.but then i guess im out of the house i can use my Ir phone to call a 0845 internet number and get it for 5p per minute on weekend.thanks.ben

  HXP 22:42 31 Jan 05

I have iPAQ 2200 running windows 3 and

1. I can connect to the internet using the docking cradle and also via a USB sync lead - not that much use as it's next to my PC but at least proves it can be done.

2. I got a BELKIN broadband wireless router ( eBUYER £45 ) and a wireless card which fits the CF slot ( £27) and now I can surf from my sofa using my PDA also has MSN & Mail. I can also stream MP3's & Video from my PC to my iPAQ.

I have all the prduct details of the bits I brought if you want them ?

Works well and seems a cheap(ish) solution but I have 3 PC's networked at home as well and the wireless PDA was an added bonus !


  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 16:20 01 Feb 05


Well that was my orignal plan,i was going to get a hp ipaq 4150 for christmas (i am 14).

but they bought me a viewsonic v35 instead :-(

Exactly how your setup i wanted.

problem is i don't think it is SDIO enabled?

thanks V much for all comments.


  GibsonSt19 18:21 01 Feb 05

Must be tough being 14 and only having a ViewSonic.

Have you thought about calling the RSPCA?

Joking of course, but it is a bit of a pain. What happened to the cash you were saving too? I went for a Dell Axim x30 in the end, which was just over 200 squids. Very pleased with it thus far.

Hope you get your wants fulfilled

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 20:18 01 Feb 05


Well,they kinda thought a pocketpc was a pocketpc and none of them are different in anyway.

My uncle who is a lorry driver,got a free V35 and a GPS navigator (which he never used becouse he prefered maps!).I was telling my uncle about the ipaq 4150 and showed him now he also knew i wanted a pocketpc,so my uncle told my mum and dad about it,and my uncle gave it to them to give to me.when i opened the pressie,i put a happy face of course.i then asked them if i could still save a little more and get a 4150,they said 'you already have one',and i left it at that.

A few weeks back i bought myself a nice dell very pleased with it.

But.......i don't like cyclying.guess what i got?

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 19:00 02 Feb 05

Is a bit late,what did you get?


  HXP 21:19 06 Feb 05

I had a look at the viewsonic and it looks like a good machine

Take a look at these websites - plenty of free software that should run on it ( u have an XSCALE processor ) my son has dowloaded loads of games and utilities for his 2210 and tells me lots of good apps etc
click here
click here

Might cheer you up OR

Ebay the lot and get the PDA u really want ? Best check with your parents first though !!

Sorry couldn't be more help


  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 21:48 06 Feb 05


will have a look tomorow.

One thing though there are alot of dead pixels on it a fat off line accross the screen :-(

thankyou for your help and suggestions.


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