connecting a pc to the internet

  L plate marky 16:26 16 Aug 05

My mum just bought a pc and wants to connect to the internet (bb). The only problem is the room for the pc and the phone socket are at different ends of the house.

Any suggestions as to what would be the best/simplest way of getting hooked up? (wireless,new phone socket,or long cable)

Thanks in advance.

  Gongoozler 16:48 16 Aug 05

The cheapest and technically easiest method would be to run an extension telephone cable. I'm not certain, but I think even using a wireless router would need a pc to be near a telephone point. The new edition of PCA covers installing a wireless router.

In my installation I've gone for the long extension telephone cable, but in a bungalow that was quite easy.

  Magik ®© 16:51 16 Aug 05

for my money a coil of telephone wire and a new socket, and the tool for pushing in the wires, 99p from maplin's.....all sorted. forever....

  Jackcoms 16:53 16 Aug 05

I agree with Gongoozler.

My extension cable (from the nearest BT socket to the room with the PC) is over 25 feet long and I get excellent speeds on a 2mb BB connection.

  L plate marky 17:07 16 Aug 05

Thanks folks,

I must admit I have heard a few people warning off the idea of long extension leads, but we'll not know till I try.

I've no idea how to install a new phone socket, but thanks anyway!

  Stuartli 17:26 16 Aug 05

My son's computer system is right at the top of his house - he uses a quality 20m telephone extension cable for his broadband connection from the Master Socket and speeds are right on the mark.

Ironically my own BB ISP, Tiscali, advises against using telephone extension cables because of the possibility of dropped connections..:-)

Yet that's how the calls arrive in the first place - telephone wiring.....

  Hamish 17:55 16 Aug 05

Look at this site or type telephone extensions into a search engine such as Ask Jeeves. click here

  LAP 18:59 16 Aug 05

The wireless router needs to be connected to the telephone socket and the electric. The computer can be in another room.

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