Connecting A Network

  suburban train 20:26 06 Jan 03
  suburban train 20:26 06 Jan 03

Dear All,

I wish to create a basic computer network between my PC and laptop.

All i want is a basic network nothing fancy just using a cable

How do i go about this?

  spikeychris 20:34 06 Jan 03

You will need a crossover cable and two network cards

click here for all the help you will ever need.


  dez fowler 20:38 06 Jan 03

Firstly what type of connections do both computers have?

  jazzypop 20:38 06 Jan 03

click here - I doubt whether the methods have changed much since this afternoon

  suburban train 20:44 06 Jan 03

Ive got USB ports and couple more connectors behind my packard bell PC

On the laptop ive got same plus a wider connector which is just a bit smaller than floppy drive could be the network adaptor

  dez fowler 20:47 06 Jan 03

Although you could do what chris says, there are much simpler ways to connect the computers if they're going to be close together.

One method is using a parallel cable which both computers should have a port for and some software such as Laplink although i think recent versions of windows will support that type of connection on their own, without the need for speciallised software.

  spikeychris 20:52 06 Jan 03

jazzypop LOL

  suburban train 20:57 06 Jan 03

how would i install the network cards

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