connecting to a multi player game

  tomleady 16:43 14 Jan 05

my friend has hosted a game of Rise of Nations (RON) on his home computer. i'm in a university halls of residence with broadband.

now, if i conect, i can do so ok. but if my mate in the next room tries to, nothing happens.
and if i quit, then he can join. so bascailly only one of us can connect at a time. why?!

we both have legit copies of the game.

is it something to do with the router we are behind? we have different IP addresses.

i dont know much about this i'm afraid.

anyhelp will be great. thank you.


  tomleady 17:09 14 Jan 05


sorry, i'm shameless.

  bobbybowls 17:17 14 Jan 05

Hi tomleady i dont know about this game but is there an option of how many players can join, this might be set for 2 players

  tomleady 17:34 14 Jan 05

hi bb,

no, as far as we're aware, its open to up 10 players, and when we have an amount we're happy with (3), we just start.

What i would suggest is that it could be you are using the external IP address, although i cant see it making a difference...

You could try hosting the game yourself. Your mate nextdoor could join by using your LAN IP (ie. 192.168.x.x) and your other friend that is not connected to the network using your external ISP address click here

Hope that helps you, Dave

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