Connecting laptop to TV

  Josquius 14:29 23 Aug 06

I've got a S-video cable (I think thats what it is...) and have used it to connect my laptop to my TV. There were major problems at first but now I can get a semi passable colour image up on my TV.
There are however...issues.
1: I have to adjust my laptops settings down to mininum resolution and all to use it. Is there a way to set it so the laptop automaticly goes to naff settings if the TV is there but remains decent if not?
2: The TV picture is there but its rather bad quality. There are slightly diagonal lines running from left to right across the screen. Also the picture is off centre- there is a big black line off to the right and I suspect it goes slightly off the screen to the left.
3: There is no sound through the TV, just the laptop. How would I initiate sound?

  mad1234 14:42 23 Aug 06

1- not sure but would like to know myself
2- the tv only has 256 colours therefore that is the best you can get. have you tried having the tv set up as a 2nd monitor?
3- you would need to connect sound seperatly- the cable you have is picture only

  Graham. 14:45 23 Aug 06

A TV makes a poor monitor at the best of times, so you may not be able to improve the picture. As for sound, you will need to connect sound out (maybe headphone socket) to sound in on the TV (if it has one!).

  woodchip 14:48 23 Aug 06

For sound you need to connect analog lines from Sound out on the laptop to the TV

  FelixTCat 18:11 23 Aug 06


You don't give very many details of your system, but with mine I can get a very good picture with sound.

Connect up the SVGA cable between laptop and TV.

Open display properties and click Settings. Are there 2 boxes in the window marked, strangely enough, 1 and 2?

If so, click on the 2 window and tick "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor".

Open your DVD playing program and when it appears on your laptop's monitor, drag it to the 2 window (normally to the right). It will appear on the TV screen. Make sure that the TV is switched to the SVGA input.

Now adjust the screen resolution slider in Display Properties to get the best size.

Start playing the video and switch the video program to full screen.

You can get an SVGA to SCART adapter if you wish.



  Josquius 21:02 23 Aug 06

Is much important about my system? It seems as though its quite a universal taske.

Whats a 'svga' cable, I don't have one of them I don't think. Nor can I seem to find one that connects the earphone socket to those ports on the front of the TV (they look audio sized but they;re not...) what would that be called?

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