connecting laptop to pc

  Sophie79 18:53 18 Dec 05


i want to get a laptop and need to know how to connect it to the internet. i don't want to this pc to have to be on when i connect.
we have broadband and the laptop i'm looking at has an ether card and modem.
i don't want to go dial up either.

as far as i can tell theres network cards which i understand both this pc and laptop will need which i guess means it'd have to be on. i don't think the laptop comes with any slots, but it does come with a vodaphone card, so maybe it does? that costs £2 a min so thats a no go.

the ether card would connect to a hub? and the pc then could also connect?

what do i need??

  mgmcc 21:44 18 Dec 05

If you want more than one computer to have broadband access, without a "host" PC having to be running, then you need a "Router".

The type of router depends on:

a) the type of broadband - Cable (NTL / Telewest) or ADSL via the phone line.

b) whether you want one or both computers to connect "wirelessly". If not, a "wired" router will suffice.

For a wired connection, a PC requires a network adapter (an RJ45 ethernet port). For wireless, it needs a "Wireless Network Adapter". The laptop you get may well be equiped already with both types of adapter.

<<< the ether card would connect to a hub? and the pc then could also connect? >>>

No, both computers connect to the router. The router connects directly to the ISP (not one of the computers) and each computer gets its internet access over the LAN (Local Area Network) from the router.

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