Connecting laptop to a hotspot

  K*B 21 May 13

I have a laptop configured for internet connectivity at home using an ADSL wireless modem. Can I go elsewhere and connect to another wireless network (hotspot) without confusing the configuration for home on the laptop? So, if I take my laptop to a coffee shop and connect through the hotspot there to browse the internet, and come back home, will anything have changed regarding the settings on my laptop for my home internet connectivity? thanks in advance.

  mgmcc 21 May 13

There shouldn't be any problem connecting to a different WiFi router and then reverting to your own ADSL service.

The Laptop's TCP/IPv4 settings need to be set to get both IP and DNS Server addresses automatically but, unless you have configured these to get fixed addresses, the default setting is to get them automatically anyway.

  K*B 29 May 13

Thanks for rseponse, mgmcc. I am connected to the internet at home through an ADSL modem. I also frequent a hotspot in town. When I take my laptop to this hotspot, can I connect to and surf the internet there without the need to have it reconfigured to connect to my ISP when I return home? In other words can I be connected online automaticaaly at home and then at the hotspot every now and again without the need for reconfiguration of my latop? Thanks.

  chub_tor 29 May 13

K*B I have no problem doing exactly what you describe with my laptop and tablet. Mine automatically connects to one or the other provided that you initially set up whatever passwords are asked for.

  K*B 30 May 13

Thanks very much, chub_tor. I'll try it and see. Confident now!

  K*B 07 Jun 13

mgmcc & chub_tor! thanks; I managed to connect to the coffee shop hotspot, but my laptop is now asking for a firewall authentication before final connection to the internet. What do I do and how do I achieve this authentication? Thanks?

  rdave13 07 Jun 13

I might be wrong here, but don't you connect to a hotspot via the password within a browser? So if you use BT as an ISP you use the browser to connect?


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