Connecting laptop HDMI or VGA port to a TV scart

  lordy1 14:31 23 Feb 09

Hi. I have recently ordered an Acer laptop. Part of the reason for the new purchase is to be able to watch BBC iplayer & the like on my TV.
I had bought an s video to scart lead in preparation & was feeling quite smug until this morning..........
I have read the spec sheet properly & rather than it having the s video port that my friends 6 month old Acer laptop has, my new laptop (Travelmate 5730-6B4G25Mn) will arrive with a VGA (HD15) port & a HDMI port. Either of which I assume would be fine IF my Tv had either of those connectors. It has the sum total of 2 scart sockets on the back.
So - if anyone would take a minute I would be most grateful to find out if there is a solution - or whether I have to admit to my Husband that Ive made a cock up & iplayer will have to wait until we need a new TV!!

  canarieslover 15:59 23 Feb 09

Try here

  wjrt 16:12 23 Feb 09

click here|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318

  lordy1 16:27 23 Feb 09

Thanks for that - is there an advantage to using the box of tricks rather than just a lead?

  lordy1 16:33 23 Feb 09

Also - will the VGA to scart lead take care of sound too - or does that need to be a seperate cable?

  wjrt 17:08 23 Feb 09

I googled for " vga to scart " and got leads to forums which state a problem with synchronisation so need the box for it to work. the cable mentioned in the previous thread states that it is scart out to vga in for use with a projector and not a tv set

  lordy1 13:28 24 Feb 09

Thanks for your help wjrt

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