Connecting to internet through a network

  ojayd 10:58 21 Oct 04

Hi, I am a student and I am trying to access the internet through the network in the student accomadation. THe connection is fine and the wire is connected, however when i load Internet explorer it tries to load then just appears with cannot find server, can you tell me what i need to do?? It worked for first few days so know it works, think it stoped after i uninstalled aol because it was no longer needed.

  mgmcc 12:30 21 Oct 04

Your network adapter should have its TCP/IP settings configured to get an IP address automatically. Check what IP address it is being assigned by the DHCP server on the network.

Open a Command Prompt window, type "ipconfig /all" (without the quotes) and press Enter. You should see details of the IP, DNS, Gateway, etc addresses, but the exact details vary depending on the version of Windows.

You should probably be getting an IP address in the range or

Set Internet Explorer's "Tools > Internet options > Connections" to "Never dial a connection", click the LAN Settings button and ensure none of the boxes is ticked.

  ojayd 10:24 22 Oct 04

Thank you i will try that later.

  fred 21:20 22 Oct 04

You may need to find out the proxy server setings from the admin

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