Connecting to Internet on Laptop using 6230i GPRS

  Suzuki ITFC 19:45 11 Feb 06

I have been trying to connect to the internet on my laptop via GPRS for use on the go. I am using a 6230i connected by a DKU-5 data cable and trying to connect to the GPRS internet on Windows XP Media Centre. I have managed to get the phone regonised and the 'connected to gprs' box appears at the bottom telling me im connected at 433 mbps, but i can't get any pages to load. I just get the 'page cannot be displayed' error. Can someone post a step by step guide or point me in the direction of how I can set it up correctly.

  dms05 21:35 11 Feb 06

What Network are you on? I tried to connect using my 6800, on Virgin, only to learn their (T-Mobile) service only allowed GPRS to be used for WAP browsing on my handset. If I wanted to connect my laptop to the Internet with my 6800 I had to use GSM at 9600kbps.

  Suzuki ITFC 22:28 11 Feb 06

Im on o2. How do I connect using GSM at 9600kbps?

  dms05 08:05 12 Feb 06

You need to install Nokia's PC Suite for your handset. It may have come on a CD with the mobile or else you can download it from click here

The software installs your handset as a modem and you connect using Dial Up with this modem. However be warned - 9,600bps is VERY slow and isn't usable for anything other than checking email.

Ask O2 if you can connect with GPRS. Also check the Nokia web site. It may be possible. But again it may be expensive as GPRS charges for data in both directions and you soon eat up the MB's. A short session for me today has used 4MB!

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