connecting to the internet on a laptop

  Josquius 17 May 11

I've got hold of a old laptop, a compaqq vasario v5000, it needs a bit of extra RAM but otherwise seems quite a good system....though there is one big problem. I can't get the internet working. Neither wireless nor wired. Wireless- I simply can't find the view wireless networks thing which in its normal windows xp place (this computer is xp). Down in the bottom right of the screen there is no wireless networks icon and I can't seem to find it anywhere. Wired- even stranger. I plug it in and it should work right off but it doesn't. I go into control panel> network connections and...there's nothing there. No option to enable or disable a connection. It just plain isn't there. Any ideas?

It wouldn't surprise me if there's no wireless built in - you'd be surprised how comparatively recent an innovation wi-fi is for laptops. At a guess, anything older than about five years probably wouldn't have it. I have an XP laptop - an ageing Compaq - for which I had to get a PCMCIA wireless card. (A USB dongle would have done just as well). As for where your wired network is...

So far as your wired network is concerned. Have you checked in Device Manager to see what the status of your network adapter is? It could be that, for example, it's lost its driver, which would need to be reloaded.

  buteman 17 May 11

Maybe try Services and make sure Wlan is set to automatic.

Probably the network Driver needing updated.

  Nontek 17 May 11

You probably need one of these ...

link text

  Josquius 17 May 11

Vasario? I meant Presario.

It should have integrated wireless apparently. Has a wireless on/off button on it too,

Have you checked Device Manager? You may be missing some drivers...


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