Connecting female to female molex plugs

  patricktbuckley 26 Jan 12

Hi I have just bought an AKASA 5xUSB front bay for my computer. The problem is that it comes with a female molex plug. All the molex plugs from the PSU are female. How can I connect them? Thanks

  robin_x 26 Jan 12

Male-Male adaptors/cables seem a bit thin on the ground.

How about two of these, cut and crimp or solder

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 26 Jan 12

  KRONOS the First 26 Jan 12

Something like this is all you need, Molex .

  onthelimit1 26 Jan 12


That looks perfect - well spotted!

  KRONOS the First 27 Jan 12


I have a box full of this type of thing,cables I used in my earlier builds I have very little in my builds these days that use a molex connection but I can remember being in a similar situation as patricktbuckley, so my first port of call whenever I needed some sort of conversion cable is Ebay.

  patricktbuckley 28 Jan 12

Thanks to everybody for your suggestions. To my embarassment, the female molex on the Arcasa also has a male connector - what fooled me was that at the male end the cables seemed to be entering at the end. When I turned it over (having read a review on Amazon about the same 'problem'), the cables go into the bottom of the molex but very near the end. Thus, checking the end properly, I discovered a male connector. So, sorry for being such a plonker, and thanks to you all for your kindness. At least, I have been given two very good websites (1 on eBay + deLock)for future reference.


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