connecting external woofer and speakers to Toshiba lcd tv

  cozowl 30 Nov 11

I'm not satisfied with the sound quality of my Toshiba AV55 lcd tv and want to connect a set of 2.1 external speakers. I can't see any 'audio out' connections on the tv but there are some on my Sky+ box. Before investing in a set of speakers I'd like to know what's the best way forward. Can I connect to the TV or should I connect to the Sky+ box? Which option would switch off the internal tv speakers? Thanks for your help.

  ICF 30 Nov 11

I have one of these bolted to the back of my Panasonic TV Q Acoustics Q-TV2

  eedcam 30 Nov 11

Doubt either option would switch of the tv.s speaker what you dont want is the volume to be controlled by the tv might be best to output from the sky box and mute the tv. ICF how the hell did your gadget get away with claming HD sound even if it could there is none broadcast

  ICF 30 Nov 11

You would have to ask Q Acoustic about the spec of the product.I think it means HD in comparison to normal sound produced by flat TV's All I can say I bought one because I heard it demonstrated at the What TV and HI-FI show in Manchester. Review

  eedcam 30 Nov 11

Ha! Oh I doubt they claim it in there specs just a slightly deliberate Typo I'm sure the sound is fine Just me nit pickin HD gets badly quoted alot by many


  Woolwell 30 Nov 11

As you stated the Toshiba does not have audio out so any external speakers would have to be driven by the Sky +. You would then mute the TV sound. However I cannot see how you would drive a 2.1 set up. But someone else may know better.

  BRYNIT 30 Nov 11

Looking at the manual for your TV it had a headphone socket. This is on the RH side of the TV just below the common interface socket. This should disconnect the TV speakers.

PDF Manual for AV55 TV


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