connecting ethernet cable to tower unit

  BONEY JOANIE 16:56 12 Mar 05

I have a belkin wireless modem/router which I wish to connect to a tower system then to my laptop which has a built in card. I was advised to buy a belkin usb adapter rather than a pci card but it seems that the ethernet cable has to be connected to tower system from router but I have no connection point on the back of tower,only a modem connection. Am I missing something?

  Forum Editor 17:35 12 Mar 05

(or any other router for that matter) to a computer initially, so you can configure the router's settings - primarily the username and password combination which it will offer to your ISP. The settings are permanently written to the router's firmware via an HTML interface, and you access this via an Ethernet cable (supplied with the router)from any computer with an Ethernet network card. Your laptop will almost certainly have such a port at the back or side, so you could use that.

The router will then automatically establish the connection when it's turned on.

If your PC has no LAN port you could indeed buy a USB wireless network adapter to use in that machine, if you don't fancy opening up the case to fit a PCI network card.

  TomJerry 19:15 12 Mar 05

as FE pointed out, you need to connect via wire intially for setting up even you eventually want all go wireless

If both laptop and tower do not have Lan (ethernet) port, it is very easy and checp to find a PCI ethernet adaptor in your tower.

Ebuyer PCI 10/100 Network Card Retail Box £2.48 click here

If you really do not fancy open and insert a PCI adaptor (very very easy job), you can get a usb ethernet adaptor.

eBuyer USB2.0 to Ethernet Adaptor £6.57 click here

For the final wireless setup:

Ebuyer 11Mbps Wireless LAN PCI Adapter (802.11b) £11.99 click here

Ebuyer 11Mbps Wireless (WI-FI) USB LAN Adapter (802.11b) £11.99 click here

  Strawballs 13:16 18 Mar 05

If Bonie Joanie's router is new then 802.11g would be better

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