Connecting Desktop & Lappy to PVR/TV etc

  Furkin 25 Aug 11

Whilst looking for advice on trying to run movies from my desktop usb via a Topfield PVR to the analogue TV, I came across a couple of problems.

1/ PC (Win7) to PVR/TV – The toppy can only read .REC files. The films are usually .MP4 so need converting. So far, I can only find out how to do this in two stages: .MP4 to .MPEG, then .MPEG to .REC - using PAZERA. Can I convert .MP4 straight to .REC ?

2/ I have a digital TV in the bedroom, & just realised that I can play unconverted films from the Laptop (Win7) via HDMI. I just tried this & found that there was no audio from the TV. The Lappy audio was fine, so it is being read. I checked the mute/volume on the TV just to make sure it hadn’t gone mute since last night – but that was o.k. Am I missing something very basic here ?

3/ ASUS M4A78LT-M LE M.Board: I have just rebuilt the desktop & used this M.B. I was hoping that it had HDMI. First place to look was the booklet. Not great but it does show DVI as ‘Digital / Analogue’. I use it to a Hanns-G LCD monitor. Can this be utilised to connect PC to Toppy ?

I did a quick search for the M.B & came across a review where it states (& shows) a separate HDMI socket at the other end of the rear panel. I looked in my machine and find that it doesn’t have one. Also, on the pcb - next to the DVI socket - is the word HDMI. I’m guessing that the MB can use HDMI & on the day it was built, was left to the bloke with the soldering iron to put either DVI or HDMI outputs. How do I find out if my MB can use HDMI & where to latch on to it ?

Cheers all

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