Connecting compter to TV.

  bukkaz 16:37 01 Dec 09

I have just ordered a 32" LCD TV.It is full 1080p. What is the best way of connecting my PC to this. It is about 10ft away from the TV. Don't appear to have an HDMI connection but there is a spare yellow coloured connector (is that a DVI one?).

I've seen a bo where you can run A DVI cable to and then it connects to the TV via an HDMI connection. Would hat be worht the money - £50 plus cables or is there a better way?


  ambra4 17:17 01 Dec 09

Do you know if the TV has a VGA or a DVI port?

If it does the best way would be to use a VGA or a DVI cable from the computer

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  reply4reply 12:27 02 Dec 09

get a hd cable
get also hd to vga converter
and connect to your pc.

if your pc has dvi aswell as vga then get hd to dvi converter.

  bukkaz 00:25 04 Dec 09

Thanks for the replies.

I got a DVI to HMI converetor, and attached HMI to that and the other end to an HDMI slot on my TV but it just comes up as video not detected.
When I looked in device manager I've only got one display adapter showing in device manager. How can I alter this?

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