Connecting Broadband to an existing network

  KittyM 20:42 08 Sep 03

Please help with a couple of queries
I have an existing network of 4 computers (2xwinXP & 2xwin98)connected to a 5 port hub - BT have at long last upgraded our exchange to enable broadband - am I better to buy a knew router with dedicated hub combined or would it be just as well buying an ASDL modem and linking to the existing hub thru the uplink socket.
- also the main computer is in my bedroom and is currently switched off overnight - would I have to leave it on 24 hrs once I have switched to broadband?

  fitshase 21:24 08 Sep 03

In answer to your question, you can plug the broadband modem into the main computer and then have that as a gateway machine where the rest of the network access the internet through that machine. However, this would mean that the main computer would have to be on in order to provide internet access to the network.

If you bought a router then you would plug the modem into the router, the router into the hub and set the settings. Once running, any computer can access the internet at any time without the main computer having to be switched on.



if your existing hub is working OK there is no need to change it. Simly connect a router to it and you're away. I have 4 machines at home connected to a hub with 1 port connected to a router. All you have to do then is change a couple of settings on each PC. All straighforward. Try click here stock code 48449. £30 and job done!!!

  KittyM 07:50 09 Sep 03

Thanks for the help

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