connecting to broadband

  goldenorbs 17:39 02 Mar 05

My computer is situated more than 10 metres away from my main phone socket and I have tried to connect to broadband but it is too far away.
Is it possible to use a wireless router to connect to broadband instead. If so could you please tell me which one would be best.

thank you

  Graham ® 17:43 02 Mar 05

Broadband should work perfectly well on a 10 metre extension. Have you tried it?

  goldenorbs 17:49 02 Mar 05
  Magik ®© 17:51 02 Mar 05

as graham said, it will work ace on a 10m lead, and, yes, a wireless router will let you take the PC anywhere in the house....

  Magik ®© 17:54 02 Mar 05

or of course, get another phone socket and wire it in.....

  goldenorbs 17:57 02 Mar 05
  Graham ® 17:58 02 Mar 05

Hi, please describe how the extension to the PC is connected.

It is very easy to plug a filter into the master socket, and connect the extension to this filter's phone socket. This will filter out the broadband!

  Graham ® 18:00 02 Mar 05

PS. Not a good idea to post your email address. It will get harvested for spam.

  goldenorbs 18:05 02 Mar 05

The PC was connected via the main phone socket through a filter and then via a 15 metre extension cable.
Thanks for the advice about using my e-mail address. I'm pretty new to computers and not particularly clued up on these things.

  Magik ®© 18:06 02 Mar 05

I got the voyager 2000 adsl wireless router, all set up and running in less than 15 minutes...

  Jak_1 18:08 02 Mar 05

Mine is ovetr 10 metres away from the phone socket, I had a problem with using standard extention cable but with proper cable made up into a 40 modem cable it works fine.

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