connecting 2 printers to 1 computer

  zolaisugly 18:35 14 Feb 03

i want to connect 2 printers to my pc i know i can use a data switch but after looking on net i am now more confused as to what i need...i dont mind it either man or auto..just need to now what spec i need to look at.. the printers are both paralell type one is a hp deskjet the other a citizen ribbon printer used for pc spec is celeron 333mkz p2 with 60gig drive 256ram running win 98se.i am not looking for an expensive make just a good cheap-middle of the road model.also how do they connect to data switch..

  woodchip 18:42 14 Feb 03

I use a basic manual switch with a Samsung ML-4500 Laser and a Epson 680 printer, but if you have an HP printer I would suggest you get Bi-Directional Cables

  woodchip 18:44 14 Feb 03

PS switch cost about a £10 from Comp Fair Cables £2.50 each

  faintly curious 18:45 14 Feb 03

Another (and pretty cheap) option, would be to add a second printer port to your PC if you have a spare PCI slot available. That way there would be no need for switching.

  woodchip 18:54 14 Feb 03

A PCI port is nearly as dear as buying a printer about £45 in PC world, on the other hand a ISA is only £10

  woodchip 18:58 14 Feb 03

AS you seem to have an old system you may have got an ISA slot, if you have I would go for that has you could use both printers at the same time. No separate drivers are required as Windows will load plug & play

  zolaisugly 19:06 14 Feb 03

woodchip thaks for advice... i do have isa slots..but what is a bi directional cable and what does it do.... i am new to all this sorry for being a bit thick

  woodchip 19:21 14 Feb 03

Bi-Di Cable means that data can travel in both directions, necessary for HP printers

  zolaisugly 19:24 14 Feb 03

ius a bi di the same as a normal printer cable or not.if it is not the same will it still fit a parallel printer port

  woodchip 19:28 14 Feb 03

They both fit parallel printer port's, but if it's a one way data it may not work with your printer. You need to ask when you get one they look the same

  zolaisugly 19:31 14 Feb 03

thanks very much for help woodchip there is a computer fair in a couple of wks time and will look and ask them...many thx again.

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