connected to the internet but no access

  hwally 05 Aug 11

I'm connected to the internet with a bullet M2 and when I connect directly I have internet access. When I connect my linksys 160n router and plug in my computer I show a connection but can't access the internet. I can ping the bullet and my computer from the router and get a response. I've also borrower a wrt54g router from a friend and have the same problem, The bullet is in bridge mode. My computer is running xp pro.

  mgmcc 05 Aug 11

Firstly, is the computer getting its correct IP address from the Router? If it is, go into the Router's configuration pages and check in the "Status" page whether the Router has got its WAN IP address from the ISP.

  hwally 05 Aug 11

Can you tell me how to check if the computer is getting it's correct address from the router. Secondly I can access the status page but am not sure how to check if the router has got it's wan ip from the isp. Thank you for your time and response

  mgmcc 05 Aug 11

If you are able to access the router's Status page, then the PC must have a correct IP address from the router. On the Status page, you should see a WAN IP Address, which is the Wide Area Network or Internet address that the ISP has allocated. Post back with that address.

  hwally 06 Aug 11

  mgmcc 06 Aug 11

As that's a Local Area Network (LAN) address, not an Internet address, is that actually the address the router gets from the "Bullet M2" as its WAN (internet) address?

  hwally 06 Aug 11

I;ll need to know how to check to see what address the bullet is giving to the router. The address of the bullet is Thank you.


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